He starts his career as a performer in 1979, creating the duo Moldavsky-Egozcue with the guitarist Sergio Moldavsky, playing countless concerts around his native Argentina. Alongside he creates the group Nuevos Aires in which he was the composer and guitarist until 1991. It was not by chance that the maestro Astor Piazzolla gifted to this group his unedited composition “500 Motivaciones”; this score was first performed by Nuevos Aires that year in the San Martín Theatre in Buenos Aires, for Piazzolla’s awarding as “Distinguished Citizen”.

In 1992 he moves to Spain, where he creates one of his major projects, the septet Ensemble Nuevo Tango (ENT) achieving many successes. It is in 1998 when he meets the violinist Ara Malikian and they start playing in ENT. This collaboration will end with the creation of the Ara Malikian / Fernando Egozcue Quintet, in which Egozcue is currently the composer and guitarist. Their last project (With closed eyes…) played by Moisés P. Sánchez (piano), Miguel Rodrigáñez (double bass), Martin Bruhn (drums), Ara Malikian (violin) and Egozcue himself on the guitar, is achieving excellent reviews wherever they present it.

In 2011 he begins a new musical project including the bandoneon -typical instrument from Argentina- in his group, and recording as a Quintet the CD “Dale” with the argentinian bandoneonist Matías Rubino, Miguel Rodrigáñez (double bass), Martin Bruhn (drums) and Juan Pérez de Albéniz (violoncelo). Project to be presented during 2012.

He is also an outstanding soloist. He has made two records “Tango en silencio” (Tango in silence) and “Solo” (Alone), his last project as soloist until now. Yet in the 80s he collaborated as soloist with the chamber orchestra “Los Solistas de Buenos Aires” (The Soloist of Buenos Aires), directed by Arberto Epelbaum and in 1996 he was the soloist of the performance “Poemas de García Lorca” with the actress Carmen de la Maza. His activity as soloist has not finished and in 2005 he collaborated with the cords quintet Sartory Camara, directed by Víctor Ambroa.

Lastly, Fernando Egozcue has been the arranger and musical director of the music of several performances in which his music is played live; among others, the performance of the Nuevo Ballet Español “Alma” or “Mano a mano” with the tenor José Manuel Zapata and the singer Pasión Vega, first performed in the Royal Theatre of Madrid to critical acclaim. The record of this latter performance was edited in 2010 under the name “Tango y Lágrimas” and with the contribution of the “cantaores” Miguel Poveda y José Mercé.

In addition, in 2009 he was the arranger of the Suite Iberia of Isaac Albéniz, for group of chamber. This was for the dance piece “Subiendo al Sur/Albéniz” by the Dance Company Ibérica de Danza, directed by Manuel Segovia (Dance National Award of 2001) and choreographed by Carlos Chamorro. This year he was also the arranger and musical director of the performance “Tango y Lágrimas”, with the tenor José Manuel Zapata, the “cantaor flamenco” José Mercé and the singer Marta Sánchez, first played in November in the Liceo Theatre of Barcelona.