Ara Malikian / Fernando Egozcue

The courage, the performing truth taken to its logical conclusion, holding nothing back while they express themselves with their instruments, is what stimulates in the listener this notion of profound reality from which, undoubtedly, one comes out one’s indifference.

The music of Egozcue, of Argentine roots and intensely emotional, conceived as chamber music, with a strong fluent rhythmic development. Both his classical training and the influence of jazz and contemporary music combine to give way to the passion and the expressive power of music that is authentic, truthful, overwhelming.

With a style all of his own, forged from his origins and rich musical experience, his violin rises as one of the most original and innovative voices on the international music scene. With a long relationship going back over 15 years with Fernando Egozcue, they join forces to perform works from the albums they have recorded together, Lejos and Con los ojos cerrados, projects based on works by the Argentine composer and guitarist.